Sunday, March 6, 2011

SPRINGERS COMP 3 (21st Jan 2011)

This was a local 2on2 jam round my suburb.. held in a leisure centre where locals train.

It was hosted by 2 bboys (Aaron & Chris) from Rainbow Crew which are up and coming..
Originally the first and second springers jam was held by bboy named Kreecha which is also up and coming. props to him for holding it down!

Bit of history of the jam from what i remember...

The first springers comp. i was one of the judges. i wasnt sure if this one was a 1on1? or 2on2..
but it was a very dope experience to witness the up and coming bboys and bgirls rockin'

The second springers comp, i competed with Reflex, an ex-K.O member, the finals was..

The third springers comp, i was asked to be a judge once again.. but i cancelled due a clash of having having PoeOne being down in Melbourne holding his 'Each One Teach One Breakin Workshop' on the same night.. i couldn't of missed out on that.. WORD? bboy yayo from M.O.B.B was also asked to be a judge.. he also pulled out of judging due to wanting to take the workshop.

so the jam ended up having Reflex (Neon Genesis Breakers) & Foxy (Rhythm Faction) as judges.

sadly due to PoeOne having injured himself.. he had to cancel his workshop that day..
so in the end Yayo and myself spoke about it.. and decided to rock up to the jam and not judge and enter last minute! HAHA!

we rocked up in full nylon tracksuites!

the jam was very exposed in my opinion.. lot of light, mirror.. the vibe, wasn't really able to feel it much.. on the day i couldn't pick it at the time.. but it felt odd?
but it was great to see the younger gen running little jams to keep things rollin'
so much props to that! keep it up!

BUT! at this Springers Comp 3, something dope happened closer to the end of the jam.
in the semi finals it was TOFU/YAYO vs. KREECHA the lights suddenly switched off.. due to overtime of the jam.. as Kreecha finished his first run.. i rolled out FUK it.. keep rockin it! so in that moment everyone pulled out their phones, iphones and switched on the lights and walked closer up made a cipher! to me the VIBE JUST SHOT UP from 20% to 70%.

they had one more semi final after our battle.

THEN THE FINALS CAME! IT WENT OFF!!! its one of those moments where u just had to be there to feel the vibe! IT WENT OFF! 100% VIBE YO!! peep the footage!
for a local jam.. yea it was DOPE!

PEEP MY BROTHERS.. BRUSH, MONKEE, LION AND B-ROK holding it down on the day too!

my brothers brush and monkee... smashed it....!!

groovin' Lion & B-Rok...


First Round

Second Round

Third Round

Semi Finals


$100 voucher for Jayjays.

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  1. you got a sick blog happening here!
    plus was awesome battling Yayo and Yourself!!!
    have a good one