Sunday, March 6, 2011


OHH RIGHT...! this jam.. was MADDDD LAST MINUTE...
this was the story... i was chillin' at work doin overtime cleaning.. bout 5pm Friday.. i received a call from PoeOne asking me if id be interested in rollin to Adelaide for the jam..i was like... wow.. let me have a few words with my crew see how they go..hustled them sent them a text "YO WHOS DOWN TO DRIVE UP TO ADELAIDE FOR MEDAL JAM TONIGHT GET AT ME ASAP!" me personally..i never thought of rollin to adelaide at the time...I've never driven interstate before..?

then i hit up YAYO too.. my homies that hit me up! was BRUSH & B-ROK, the few others couldnt make it due to having other things to do.. all good!
so i was confirmed with YAYO, BRUSH, B-ROK! and then last minute i got a confirm by CISS aswell!

finished work.. got home after work.. chatting to my boy FALKON on the phone.. after the call i rolled out to practise with YAYO & CISS at the local spot Springers Leisure Centre, got home got ready rolled out and picked up the others we had kebabs before we left it was 1am Saturday morning.. we drove out IN THE NINJA HONDA JAZZ!!!!
it took approx 8-9 hours..

i drove for bout 5-6 hours.. from what i remembered..
got to the point where we almost ran empty.. chilled at a Shell station bout 5-6am.. waiting cos we didnt think we would make it.. then luckly this guy dropping of newspapers stopped by and told us that there was another servo around we followed and filled up and kept rolling out! i stop driving and chilled..

then i drove again! and we finally hit Adelaide bout 9am?
rolled up to PoeOne's Crib and...BOOM! HAHAH!!

chilled out rested up for a few hours.. woke up and checked out some local shops and some food.. got ready to rock the JAM!
we rolled up late...
had to battle 5-10mins in..! we decided to call ourselves "WHILE YOU'RE ASLEEP" props to yayo for the name.. and Poe for registering us..

as soon as that battle finished out crew got called out and had to battle another crew..
at that time we were alittle bit warmed up!

after that there was some chill time..




after the jam.. chilled out had nandos!! then rolled back to Poe's crib washed up! chilled with some local adelaide bboys.. and rolled out onto the ROAD...back to MELBOURNE, we couldn't stay for the after party due to CISS having to teach a workshop up in woop woop back in Victoria.. so we drove as fast as we could to get back! 
once again.. while driving.. we ran empty again... we were alittle worried i think? it was a sunday morning.. in a mad empty town.. we ended up just winging it and kept driving.. along .. and luckily found a servo and filled up!! feeewww!!

we were driving fast!! well i was... i think i hit about 160-180KMS'/hr
we still ended up being about 1 hour late arriving back to Melbourne..? but we all arrived back home safely!



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